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What is Corporate Relocation for Employees in Toronto

Focusing on Toronto, Corporate relocation or employee relocation is when an organization moves a current employee from one location to another, in this case to a Toronto office while covering some of the cost associated with the moving expense. A situation where the organization offers to move the employee office, division, or head office to a new region.

There are many components to consider when making the final decision and even more to juggle when you are in the process of relocating. To find out more about corporate relocation, look to our Corporate Relocation: Everything to Know Content for more.

The following article will focus on corporate relocation to or in Toronto and allow you to understand more about what corporate relocation is for employees, what to consider if you are in the process of relocating, understand some of the services offered to you by the organization, what to expect when consult with a relocation expert, why house hunting and area orientation trips are an essential component to corporate relocation, and tips to ensure you corporate relocation is a success.



There are several things to evaluate in your candidate assessment phase, when deciding if you are fit to relocate. A question to be asked is if your spouse or partner will be able to find a new career in Toronto. Will your children be able to thrive and succeed in their new school and make new friends? And will you be able to afford a home in Toronto's real estate market, or put up your current home for sale in the market without a loss? One must weigh the personal pros and cons to an employee corporate relocation that does not only revolve around the idea of what is best for the business.

Be sure to keep in mind that you can negotiate your corporate relocation contract, policy, package, and services. Research important factors within a relocation in Toronto such as moving expenses, standard of living and quality of life, and how you can get assistance from your organization when you have relocated.


Relocation Consultant

If you have not be offered one already by your organization, research into a corporate relocation consultant. A relocation expert is a person who is already familiar with your organization's head office in Toronto and has experience in moving and arranging all the logistics of your relocation. They ensure you get the most out of your package and are efficient in meeting your needs and working around your schedule. Here are some more reasons why you should consider a relocation expert:

  1. Allow someone with experience to handle the logistics of the moving coordination

  2. Book transportation for you, your family, and pets to the new destination

  3. Help set up temporary housing and permanent home hunting trips

  4. If international, provide immigration services for the whole family

  5. Assist you in setting up payroll, bank accounts, and currency exchange


Toronto Corporate Relocation

If you stumble upon this article, you or your organization is looking to relocate you to a Toronto head office. Toronto is one of the fastest growing cities in North America and was connected through 6 neighbourhoods giving it the name The Six. No matter which residential neighbourhood you are looking forward to moving into, there's one for your lifestyle and budget. You may have even heard of synonyms such as the GTA for greater Toronto area, but keep in mind that corporate relocation usually means you will be closer downtown.

Downtown Toronto is split into districts and common ones you will visit for the duration of your corporate relocation here may include the discover district, distillery district, financial district, entertainment district, fashion district, Alexandra Park, The Annex, Cabbagetown, City Place, Chinatown. Church and Wellesley, Garden district, Harbourfront, Kensington Market, Regent Park, South Core, St. Lawrence Market, and Yorkville.

On the topic of Yorkville, Avalon Suites is strategically located in downtown Toronto, with only a short commute by public transit or car to the above mentioned local Toronto districts. Where your new head office may be located. Whether you are deciding if you will be staying here for your work relocation, visiting the city, or working on a new project, consider booking with Avalon Suites Yorkville.


Corporate Relocation Service

Your employee corporate relocation service and benefits may be found in your contract, or regulations policy outline. For employee relocation within Canada or to Toronto, some services offered may be a combination of the following:

  • Social Insurance Number

  • Health Insurance

  • Driver’s License

  • Vehicle Registration

  • Banking & Credit Cards

  • Schooling

  • Daycares or Preschools

  • Utilities

  • Insurance

  • Car Lease or Purchase

  • Health Care (OHIP)

  • Recreation

  • Pet Services

  • Intercultural Training

  • Educational Training

  • Immigration Services

  • Taxation/Accounting Counselling


Temporary Housing in Toronto - Yorkville

You should be able to negotiate if not mentioned in your contract already, at least one destination area orientation and house hunting trip. Not only will this be a good opportunity to scout the neighborhoods in the area, look for schools, service offices, shopping, transportation like the TTC-Toronto Transit Committee, entertainment, and get a glimpse of the local people, diverse culture, and tourist destinations.

Chances are, when you put your home up for sale, lease, or rent, and you are moving to Toronto, your permanent home may now be ready for you to move in, or you have not found one yet. Expenses such as temporary housing should be covered by your corporate relocation services. This is where short-term temporary housing at your relocation comes in. Temporary housing, especially in furnished suites with at home amenities such as those offered by Avalon gives you the comforts of a home away from home. Staying in accommodations that feels like home eases the stress of moving or temporary relocating.


Relocating Tips

No matter if you are the employer or the employee looking into corporate relocation, here are some tips and tricks to make sure your corporate relocation is a success.

  1. Estimating a sizable budget including (home scouting trip, moving expenses, home closure fees, furniture, appliances, and utilities fees, transportation, etc.)

  2. Researching your new destination country’s city and regional laws

  3. Planning a trip to scope your new home and research the location

  4. Hire a reliable and honest moving company that looks at your home before pricing

  5. Prepare your family and consider the difference in the cost of living when you relocate


Avalon Suites Yorkville

Avalon Suites Yorkville is in the heart of Toronto’s Yorkville in the “Bloor Street Culture Corridor” area. If you are looking for a short-term temporary home or booking for an employee, consider our fully furnished suites. From a studio for one to a presidential suite for up to five, Avalon Suites is sure to fill your needs.

More than a hotel room, our suites have more than 2x the space and are fully furnished. In Avalon Suites, you will be able to find amenities not available in a hotel room. Such as a cooking stove top, fridge and freezer, dishwasher, toaster, Nespresso machine, and microwave. Need to do laundry? We also have in suite 2-in-1 washer and dryer for your convenience. Avalon Suites offers more than just a fully stocked kitchen, staying with us includes access to a fitness center and gym, concierge service, and meeting facilities. Suites also have sweeping views of city views of Yorkville, Toronto, modern furniture, and friendly working spaces. Including complimentary wi-fi, smart tv with access to cable, Netflix, YouTube, Prime, and more.

Located walking distance to Wholefoods, Avalon Suites is perfect for your employee corporate relocation. You can make grocery shopping trips and cook up meals in your kitchen just like if you were at home. If you are not in the mood to cook, Yorkville is surrounded by several takeout and dine in restaurants, check out our blog Best Restaurants for Takeout Near our Short-term Rentals for more. And looking for an experience while you are in Toronto and want to explore? Look at our blog Things to do Around Bloor-Yorkville for local tourist destinations to visit on your days off.

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