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Things to Consider When Looking For Insurance Housing

In our previous blogs, we introduced the basic knowledge of home insurance such as the types of homeowner insurance coverage and what a typical homeowners policy offers. We also talked about the things you should know about insurance relocation in another blog. It would be a hassle to claim for insurance and move out from your home while it is being restored or rebuilt. Therefore, we have gathered a few things you should consider when looking for insurance housing. We want to save the hassle as much as possible when you are moving. If you haven't read our previous blogs - An Overview of Home Insurance Part 1 and Part 2, and 4 Things You Need to Know About Insurance Relocation, check them out now!

Turnkey Home


You should assume you can't bring anything out of your home. Even if you can, you probably wouldn't want to move your furniture here and there or to buy new furniture just for your temporary stay. You will have a lot to deal with when you are forced out of your home due to unforeseen circumstances. It will be very frustrating for sure. Therefore, it is very important to look for a place that is ready to move in as that can save you lots of time and have less to worry about.



Another important thing is to make sure there are laundry machines at your temporary accommodation. While it may sound like a very minor thing, laundry is something you do regularly. There may not be a laundry service or laundromat near you and you wouldn't want to waste your money buying new ones for temporary use, not to mention that laundry services are expensive. Bringing your clothes to some other places for wash and/dry would be a hassle as well. You will have to wait for the laundry if you use a laundromat or arrange a time for drop off and pick up if you use laundry services. Therefore, I think it is necessary to have laundry machines in your insurance housing.



If you have to go to work or have kids who have to go to school, location is definitely a priority when you search for insurance housing. Consider the driving and/or walking distance to school and work. If you will be taking public transit, find out the closest bus/subway stop to the temporary accommodation. It's cold during winter and the weather is often not suitable for walking so I recommend looking for a place that is within 10 minutes walk to the transit stop. Search up the route in advance so you can plan ahead of time. You may want to check if you'll need to change to different transportations and consider whether it's acceptable. You may want to pick somewhere closer to work and/or school or at least closer to public transit.



If you will be working from home or have family member(s) taking classes online, you will need internet access in order to do that. Make sure you find a place that provides the internet. Most internet plans require a contract and there may be a penalty if you cancel it before the contract ends. Since you will only need it temporarily, it may be difficult to get an internet plan. Therefore, it is better to find a place that provides fast and stable internet so you can work or attend online lectures without any problem.


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