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4 Things You Need to Know About Insurance Relocation

In our previous blogs, we talked about what home insurance is and what a typical homeowners policy offers, as well as the types of homeowner insurance coverage and how the insurance rates are determined. While we don't want this to happen to you, though, worst-case scenario, you're forced out of your home due to unforeseen circumstances. You would be in need of furnished accommodation to stay in temporarily while your home is being restored. In this post, we've gathered 4 things you should know when it actually happens. Hopefully, this post can make your relocation go smoother. If you haven't read our previous blogs - An Overview of Home Insurance Part 1 and Part 2, check them out now!

Contact Your Insurance Provider


When your home is being damaged, destroyed in natural disasters, or under other unforeseen circumstances, your home becomes unlivable. Before you start packing and get ready for the move, there's something you need to do. The first thing you should do is to contact your insurance provider and let them know about the situation. File a claim and discuss with them to find out the amount of coverage, what kind of coverage would be provided to you and what would not be covered. Your insurance provider would ask for proof when you file a claim. Take pictures of the condition of your home. Make sure you take a picture of the damage to your home. The pictures should be very clear that they can easily tell from the pictures how bad the damages are.

Additional Living Expense (ALE) Insurance


According to Investopedia, additional living expense (ALE) insurance refers to coverage under a homeowners, condominium owner's, or renter's insurance policy that covers the additional costs of living incurred by a policyholder should they be temporarily displaced from their place of residence. This type of insurance covers expenses such as food and the cost of staying at a hotel until the primary dwelling is inhabitable. They may also cover expenses like the cost of sending your laundry out because you don't have access to a washer/dryer, storage cost, furniture rental cost, etc.

Hire A Moving Company


You probably have a lot of items to move, especially if you've been living in the place for a long time. You may want to consider hiring a moving company so you can move them all at once. Make sure they are professional and experienced as you don't want them to break your valuables and fragile items. Some of them even offer short term storage so consult with your moving company and see what they can offer for you. You can't expect repairs to be done over a weekend but you also don't want the hassle of keeping everything from place to place.

Insurance Housing


When searching for insurance housing, you should look for furnished accommodation as you should assume you can't bring anything from your home. All our premium suites at Avalon are fully furnished with a fully equipped kitchen and all the amenities you need. Our suites have 2x more space than your average hotel room and you get the entire place by yourself. We have a variety of suite options ranging from studios to 2 bedroom suites so you can definitely find one that accommodates your needs. We even have a washer/dryer in all our suites. With all these features, staying in any of our suites will definitely make you feel at home. We're located in the heart of Toronto's most upscale neighbourhood at the corner of Yorkville & Avenue Rd. Life goes on. You have work and you may have kids who go to school. It would be convenient for you to get to work or for your kids to go to school. If you will be working from home, we offer fast wifi for free! If you need to buy anything, Whole Foods Supermarket is right across from the building at the Yorkville Village Mall or you can go shopping around Yorkville. Even though we're currently under Covid-19 lockdown, you can still shop online! Check out our blog about online shopping! We are also surrounded by a variety of great restaurants to fulfill all your cravings! What's even better? We offer special rates to guests who are here for relocation! Contact us at 416.731.1372 to learn more about our suites and rates!


We hope this never happens to you but if it happens one day, don't be stressed out. It's not the end of the world. Stay calm! We created this post to hopefully ease your relocation. You should have a grasp of what you need to do when you're forced out of your home after reading the post. If you are looking for temporary housing for insurance relocation, come stay with us at Avalon! To make a reservation, contact us at 416.731.1372 so we can give you a discount!

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