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Should You Renovate Your House or Move

Are you thinking it is time to move your family, to find a new home, or you just want to renovate your home to be more modern and stylish, but do not know where to begin? Well, this Avalon Suites Guide will give you more insight. The following article will go over the difference between home renovations and home remodeling, home moving, procs and cons of the before mentioned options, and short-term rentals in the Yorkville – Toronto area. For when you are between homes or looking for a quiet and clean place to work away from the home construction and noise.

For more information on where to begin by categories of space in your home, look at Avalon Suites Yorkville blog: Where to Start in Your Next Home Renovations Project.


Home Renovation

A well-planned home renovation can bring added value to your home when you do decide to sell and upgrade to a new home. And be completed with the least amount of stress, time, and money as possible. Home renovation is to repair, to make new again or put back in good condition space in our home.

Home renovations can include fixing a leaking roof, adding insulation for the winter, or an air conditioning system, having your basement redone after flooding, or adding a kitchen or walls to your unfinished basement, and more.

For more on Avalon Suites Guide to home renovations on where to start, you can check out our blog: Everything to Know about Home Renovation Short Term Stay in Toronto.


Home Remodeling

A home remodeling is to remake the foundation or structure of the home or room you have in mind. A home remodel can mean doing a complete makeover of your home space, such as transforming your kitchen and living room space to be an open concept.

For home remodeling in your kitchen, bathroom, or living room, you can look for a budget-friendly option, adding in built-in appliances, granite or marble countertops, or dining space.


Home Moving - Pros and Cons

Pros and cons of staying in one place or trying to navigate Toronto real estate to find a new home. It may be time for you to find a new place, or to decide to just renovate and stay. This section is focused on looking at the pros and cons of moving or staying.

Pros – The Greater Toronto area and downtown Toronto is home to several neighborhoods there is sure to be one that fits your budget and needs when looking for a new home – whether you are looking for character, style, or architecture.

Toronto is also home to a strong work market, with the financial district employing 200,000 people in some of the world's largest technology, pharmaceutical, research, and business companies.

The lifestyle pros of Toronto include an electric food scene as a multicultural and diversely celebrated country and city, we offer a variety of dishes from Chinatown to Little Italy, Little India, and Greektown.

Cons – Downtown Toronto is a growing city in tourism, technology, media, and business which is no surprise when you are looking for accommodations that rent is so high. Foreign investors and developers have driven up housing costs throughout Toronto driving up rent in the neighborhoods close to school, amenities, and work offices.

With growing start-ups and already well-known businesses in downtown Toronto, the rush hour in Toronto can see higher congestion of traffic, although there is the alternative of taking the TTC. And living in Toronto means you must face challenging weather conditions like blizzards and snowstorms, as well as hot and humid summers.


Short-Term Suites

Booking a suite with Avalon Suites Yorkville will ensure you have a home away from home. With studio suites for one to a suite for your small family, there is one that is here that will fit your home office needs and more. Each Avalon Suites comes with quiet study space, smart TV, fast internet access, a fully equipped kitchen to accommodate any cooking needs, an in-suite 2-in-1 washer and dryer, and 2x more space than a typical hotel room, there is sure to be one that suits your budgets and needs. Short-term suites are amazing more comfortable, let you feel at home, and book to stay longer than a hotel room. As well, with Avalon Suites Yorkville, you can have access to a conference room, concierge services, and a fitness center and gym for the duration of your stay.


Avalon Suites Yorkville

More than a hotel room, Avalon Suites have more than 2x the space and are fully furnished. In Avalon Suites, you will be able to find amenities not available in a hotel room. Such as a cooking stovetop, fridge and freezer, dishwasher, toaster, Nespresso machine, and microwave. Need to do laundry? We also have an in-suite 2-in-1 washer and dryer for your convenience. Avalon Suites offers more than just a fully stocked kitchen, staying with us includes access to a fitness center and gym, concierge service, and meeting facilities. Suites also have sweeping views of city views of Yorkville, Toronto, modern furniture, and friendly working spaces. Including complimentary wi-fi, smart tv with access to cable, Netflix, YouTube, Prime, and more.

Located within walking distance to Wholefoods, Avalon Suites is perfect for your employee corporate relocation. You can make grocery shopping trips and cook up meals in your kitchen just like if you were at home. If you are not in the mood to cook, Yorkville is surrounded by several takeout's and dine-in restaurants, check out our blog Best Restaurants for Takeout Near our Short-term Rentals for more. And looking for an experience while you are in Toronto and want to explore? Look at our blog Things to do Around Bloor-Yorkville for local tourist destinations to visit on your days off.

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