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How to Find the Right Furnished Suite for Your Next Employee Relocation in Toronto

Finding temporary corporate housing and relocating is not easy. There is a lot that needs to be done before the actual move. Especially with many factors to plan and consider to make the relocation go smoothly and meet your needs for accommodations. Some to name are gathering all your important documents, figuring out how you will be moving your stuff and the expenses for it and most importantly the type of home and where it will be located. These are the bases you need to hit in order to begin your new lifestyle.

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Organizing Important Documents

Before beginning the actual process of moving, you need to make sure that you have all your important documents collected. Things such as receipts, quotes and try keeping them organized into a DropBox or Google Drive so they are manageable in one digital folder document system.


Moving Expenses

In an employee relocation, a business will move employees from one location to another. Businesses might offer repayment for costs like house-hunting, short-term living expenses and transportation of household items. Other times, businesses will decide not to reimburse and instead provide lump sums, paid upfront to relocating employees to cover all moving expenses. Employees may keep whatever extra money is leftover or pay any expenses the lump sum does not cover.

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Finding the Right Place

Where you will be relocated matters despite how long or short your temporary stay is. This new home is going to be one of your major sources of comfort and a place of relaxation. What size do you want it to be? Will it be fully-furnished? If you have a pet, is the property pet-friendly? Location is also of importance for work as you might need to commute, thus needing to find housing near public transport. Or a nice neighbourhood with proximity to stores and plazas for groceries and clothes shopping.


Preparing in Advance

Relocating to a new city or even a new country can be tiring and overwhelming. That is the reason it is great to have a few necessities dealt with preceding your arrival. While some of your household items may not arrive exactly on your move in date, carry an overnight bag with things you think you might need that day. Items such as clothes, toiletries, electronic devices, etc. Additionally, how you will be getting to your temporary housing. You might just call an Uber, taxi, have a friend or family member drive you or catch a flight. Do not try to figure these things out on the day off in case anything goes wrong. Being prepared in advance relieves you of any last minute stress.


Short-Term Rental

If you are considering relocating to downtown Toronto or conducting business in the Yorkville, Toronto area, stay with us here at Avalon Suites Yorkville. Both a short commute by public transit and by car, Avalon is strategically located to place you only several minutes from your corporate office. Downtown Toronto is conveniently located to head offices for the finance, tourism, technology, and media industries, and staying in Yorkville, Toronto allows you to be in the centre of it all.

Short-term rentals offer so much more space, amenities, and benefits than a typical hotel room, for more on corporate relocation to the downtown Toronto core, visit Avalon Suites Yorkville guide in What to Know for your Next Corporate Relocation in Yorkville Toronto.


Avalon Suites Yorkville

Avalon Suites Yorkville hopes that this article gave you a better insight into your corporate relocation coming to Toronto. If you need temporary housing or hoping to stay with Avalon Suites you can look forward to booking one of our premium luxury economy suites or two bedrooms for you and your family. Every suite comes with a fully furnished kitchen, an in-suite washer, and dryer, as well as fast access to wi-fi and smart tv with cable.

Staying with Avalon Suites allow you access to our gym and fitness centre, conference room, and concierge services. Not to mention walking distance to the neighbourhood Wholefoods. Furthermore, staying with Avalon Suites allows you to be only minutes away from big offices downtown like TD, CIBC, RBC, Deloitte, and much more.

Preparing for your corporate relocation, you can learn more about what it is for you in Avalon Suites Yorkville guide: What is Corporate Relocation for Employees in Toronto.

Check out our blog for even more information.

Contact us at 416.731.1372 to learn more about our suites and to book!

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