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Best Health Care Institutions in Downtown Toronto

Throughout our lifetime you or someone you may know personally may need to visit a health care center in Toronto, Ontario for several reasons. This is all part of the natural way of life and the following article will give you more information on the best healthcare institutions and downtown Toronto and the best place to stay while you seek short to long-term medical care here. The following article will look at Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto Western Hospital, University Health Network, Princess Margaret Cancer Center, and SickKids.

If you are looking to stay in a short-term rental to visit downtown, Toronto health care institutions, such as Mount Sinai, Toronto Western Hospital, University Health Network, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, and more, you can visit the Avalon Suites Yorkville Guides.


Mount Sinai Hospital

Mount Sinai Hospital is a patient care, teaching, and research focused center affiliated with the University of Toronto. The hospital sees patients from across the province of Ontario and even the country of Canada.

Patience of Mount Sinai Hospital, access the institutions specialized in intensive care focus on patients' humanity in areas of rehab and complex continuing care.

Your whole life from Avalon suites Yorkville, we are located very closely to Mount Sinai Hospital. It is only a short 5-minute car drive, a 10-minute commute through taking public transit like the TTC via Bay Station or St. George Station, or a 20-minute walk.


Toronto Western Hospital

Toronto Western Hospital is an academic health care center with 272 beds focusing on delivering exceptional patient care for a breadth of services from emergency care to specialized brain surgery.

Toronto Western Hospital is a world leader in neuroscience, constantly pushing the boundaries of research pioneering treatment, and using state-of-the-art technology, the hospital sees over 60,000 patients every year for diverse groups of patients.

Tried to Western Hospital is at the north corner of Bathurst and Dundas and is accessible through public transit, drop off and pick up, and is only 10 minutes away from Avalon suites by driving and parking in their designated parking space.


University Health Network

University Health Network is a teaching hospital and one of the largest health research organizations in North America, ranking first in Canada. University Health Network has programs focusing on medicine, surgery, critical care, rehab, medical imaging, and laboratory medicine. University Health Network's vision is to focus on a healthier world and is comprised of 10 medical programs in eight hospital sites in Toronto ON.

If you plan on staying with Avalon Suites Yorkville, our accommodations are located only a 5-minute drive away, 10-minute by public transit on the TTC or a 20-minute walk.


Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Princess Margaret Cancer Center is one of the largest cancer centers in the world dedicated to caring, learning, and finding answers. Located in Toronto ON, Princess Margaret cancer center focus on researching complex cases that makes this hospital a national and international source for discovery, education, and patient care.

Categories of specialized programs the Princess Margaret cancer center focuses on includes assisting in physical side effects due to treatment, emotional, and practical support, financial support, professional services, side effects management clinics, support groups and programs, health, wellness, and survivorship, and more.

From Avalon suites to Princess Margaret center, it is only a 5-minute drive, 10-minutes on the TTC, or a 20-minute walk.


The Hospital for Sick Kids

The hospital for sick its comma is a well-known pediatric teaching hospital located on University Avenue in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Corporately branded as SickKids, it is associated with the faculty of medicine of the University of Toronto.

SickKids brand is more than just a hospital. The staff works each day to provide the best child and family-centered care, training the next generation of health care professionals in the fields of child health. It is a safe place committed to healing for patients and families, staff, medical students, and volunteers.

From Avalon Suites Yorkville to SickKids, it is only a 10-minute drive or 20-minutes walk.


Short-Term Rental

Short-term stays have all the amenities and benefits of a typical hotel room and more. Depending on if you are a single traveler or a family of up to 5 Avalon suites Yorkville is sure to have a suite for you. Here at Avalon Suites Yorkville, we have two times more space than a typical hotel room and amenities like a fully furnished kitchen with fridge freezer stovetop microwave anymore. As well as an in-suite 2-in-1 washer and dryer, fitness center and gym, conference space and access to concierge services. staying with Avalon Suites Yorkville allows you to be more comfortable with the space you would have at home and the convenience of being only minutes away from local downtown health care facilities.

For more on healthcare-related short-term stays with Avalon Suites Yorkville in the downtown, Toronto neighborhood, visit our Guides: Everything to Know About Long Term Medial Stays in Suites near Toronto.


Avalon Suites Yorkville

Avalon Suites Yorkville hopes that this article gave you a better insight into your corporate relocation package coming to Toronto. If you need temporary housing or hoping to stay with Avalon Suites you can look forward to booking one of our premium luxury economy suites or two bedrooms for you and your family. Every suite comes with a fully furnished kitchen, an in-suite washer, and dryer, as well as fast access to wi-fi and smart tv with cable.

Staying with Avalon Suites allow you access to our gym and fitness center, conference room, and concierge services. Not to mention walking distance to the neighborhood Wholefoods. Furthermore, staying with Avalon Suites allows you to be only minutes away from major downtown Toronto hospitals, health care facilities, cancer centers, much more.

Check out our blog for even more information.

Contact us at 416.731.1372 to learn more about our suites and to book!

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