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Places to Stay in Toronto near University Health Network

Whether you are a patient coming to Toronto for health care services nearby, a caregiver with a family member in a downtown hospital right now, or looking for a short term stay for your upcoming medical treatment in downtown, Toronto, this blog is sure to give you more information on the University Health Network and direct you to a more informative page on Everything to Know About Long Term Medical Stays in Suites near Toronto.

Any medical procedure that calls for overnight stays in the hospital or visits in a short duration of time can be stressful, all emotionally, mentally, and physically to yourself as the patient or the caregiver. This is why it is essential to look for a short-term rental near the location of the hospital with amenities you find at home, while still being close to walking distance for food and groceries, and other services.



The University Health Network is a health care and medical facility located in Toronto, Ontario Canada. It is also a public research and teaching hospital. It is the largest health research organization in North America and Canada, they rank first for total research funding.

The University Health Network is comprised of 4 hospitals in the downtown, Toronto area. The patient care hospitals of the University Health Network comprise Princess Margot Cancer Centre, Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Rehab, and Toronto Western Hospital.

Located in College Street, the University Health Network is also within walking distance to other local hospitals, cancer research centers, and patient care facilities and teaching institutions such as Ryerson University, University of Toronto St. George Campus, Women's College Hospital, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Mount Sinai Hospital, and the Hospital for Sick Kids.


Tips and Tricks

Whether you are considering a short-term stay at your local hospital for several nights nearby in a fully furnished suite, the following are some helpful pointers on how to remain comfortable while you stay in your home away from home.

If you are the patient in the hospital:

  • Bring your laptop, phone, and caring cables or a book to help pass the time

  • Access the hospital's daily programs – therapy dog sessions, arts and crafts, meditation, etc.

  • Become friends with your hospital roommate(s)

  • Pack comfortable clothes like sweats that will not be in the way of IVs and other medical equipment

  • Use this time to rest as you are getting treated

If you are staying in a short-term rental:

  • Look for suites with at-home amenities such as a kitchen to cook homemade meals

  • Book a suite with a 2-in-1 dryer and washer

  • Research suites located within walking distance or short transportation by car or TTC to the hospital you will be getting treated at

  • Take short walks to enjoy your new local neighborhood for the duration of your stay

  • Do anything you would as if you were home!


Patient Visitation

If you are looking to stay in Toronto or a short time to visit a loved one in need of health care in the University Health Network, the institution's website offers information on patient visitations with considerations of the COVID-19 pandemic. Patients' families are always encouraged to visit while they are healing and make them feel more comfortable and supported in their journey to recovery. The visiting patient’s page offers insights on patient visitation hours, guidelines, how you can help the University Health Network prevent infection, self-screening for signs of illnesses, washing hands, smoke-free and scent-free, balloons, plans, and flowers, disruptive behavior, special requests, and accessibility.



Some of the University Health Network services and hospital information is accessible through their website. Their main priority pages are focused on Education, Research, families and patients, health professionals, and programs.

Further patient and family services offered include clinic appointments, tests, and labs, vitiating patients, patient information, and health information. More research-focused pages look at research trainees, institutions, ethics committees, commercialization, and clinical studies. The University Health Network also emphasizes education alongside research which is why they also have pages with information on lifelong learners, educators, and clinical learners, and teachers.



Getting here and around the area of the University Health Network area should be simple as it is close to public transportation like the Toronto Transit Committee (TTC), is accessible for drop and pick up by Taxi, Uber, or car, and walking distance from the Avalon Suites Toronto id you are looking for a short-term medical stay in the Yorkville area.

If you are considering staying at a short-term rental close to the University Health Network for yourself or a loved one, book with us at Avalon Suites Yorkville. Our accommodations are located very close to the University Health Network, it will only be a 5-minute drive, 10-minute public transit with the TTC, or a 20-minute walk. You can find out more about close family short-term stays nerd downtown Toronto hospitals in our blog Everything to Know About Long Term Medical Stays in Suites near Toronto.


Avalon Suites Yorkville

Visiting the University Health Network from outside Toronto can be stress-free and simple with Avalon Suites. Staying at Avalon Suites Yorkville’s fully furnished and has an en-suite fully equipped kitchen with the cooking appliances and utensils you need. Our premium suites come in 5 styles ranging from a 2-bedroom suite to one that sleeps 5, there is one that accommodates your needs.

Features and amenities included staying at Avalon Suites include a washer and dryer free fast wi-fi, cable smart TVs, access to the fitness center and gym, conference space, and concierge services. Don't have time to clean? We offer one complimentary cleaning service per week when you stay more than a week!

No matter which suite you book to stay with Avalon, you are sure to feel at home.

To learn more, visit our website or call us at 416.731.1372 for rates and availability.

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