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Where to Stay Near the University of Toronto and Toronto Metropolitan University

The Fall semester has just begun and many students are attending in person classes. That means they'll need a place to stay near their universities. They may take the time to commute from their homes but looking for a temporary living space is much more convenient and it gives students a sense of what it is like to live independently. If you are not sure where to start, here is a blog with some important things to know when looking for rentals in Toronto for your university stay.


Creating a Budget

Try asking yourself: “What do my costs include but is not limited to?” Major costs would be things such as housing rent, tuition, food, and transportation. Take a moment to list out all your expenses that you will need to pay and create a plan that fits your income.

Make a rough estimate of what you want to spend on a week by week or month to month premise throughout the span of the year. University is costly and it builds up a lot of financial concerns for the future but sticking to a budget can go a long way towards improving any financial burden all through your academic path.


Meeting Your Wants and Needs

There are different types of housing options right by the University of Toronto and Toronto Metropolitan University such as condo, apartments, or a building with individual rooms and shared living spaces. Something to always consider is your safety and comfort. It does not hurt to ask a bunch of questions about a place and go for in-person viewings. During these viewings, check to make sure all the doors lock securely, windows can open and close, thermostat control is inside the apartment, quality of lighting, if outlets work, if they provide basic living amenities, etc. Ensuring that the places you are looking at meet your wants and needs because you will be living there for quite some time. Deciding on what the right housing space works best for you can be a difficult and confusing process but it will work out with time, lots of planning and consideration. It is a big part of learning how to be an independent adult and many lessons and experiences will come along with it.


Off-Campus Housing

From living with your parents to living on your own while also attending your first university classes is a major transition that may take some time to adjust to. Although, it is a great opportunity to take advantage of the large variety of housing options to find something that you see fitting your new lifestyle. Looking for temporary housing is also usually cheaper than living on campus and buying meal plans. Speaking of meals, the location your potential future home should matter because you need to see what you have access to in your area. Will it be near a grocery store and shops so you can purchase basic necessities? Is the location also close by public transport or even a walking distance from the university? In a big city like Toronto, there are many smaller neighbourhoods with a variety of living options. Explore and go to viewings to see what accommodates your wants and needs.


Short-Term Rentals

Short-term rentals are the best choice in temporary housing. In comparison to a typical hotel suite, booking with Avalon Suites Yorkville gives you many benefits. At Avalon Suites Yorkville, you will get 2x more space, an in-suite 2-in-1 washer and dryer, no need to have paid laundry done, an in-suite fully equipped kitchen so you can make homemade meals, and in many of our suites we offer a quiet desk space tuckers away in the corner. Here at Avalon Suite Yorkville, we offer fully-furnished suites for your temporary stay. It is important to remember what you prioritize in terms of accommodations. Do you plan on cooking meals for yourself? Is it necessary for you to have a kitchen with fully-stocked equipment and appliances? Asking yourself these questions will help you find a place that reaches your wants and needs.


Avalon Suites Yorkville

Private apartments are usually quieter and have fewer distractions, and therefore, are better for studying. Therefore, if you prefer to rent an apartment, you are in luck! Avalon Suites offer a fully equipped kitchen, filled with cooking utensils; pots, pans, boards, dishes, cups, cutlery, and equipment such as a fridge, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher all in one suite. Even more, each Avalon Suites has an in-suite washer and dryer, allowing you to feel just at home being able to do your own laundry without the hassle of housekeeping and additional services. Every suite also has access to internet and wife services, smart televisions for your cable, Netflix, Prime, or YouTube viewing, complimentary coffee, tea, and bathroom necessities. Additionally, Avalon Suites have an in-building fitness centre and gym, and conference room safely available to be booked, alongside 24/7 concierge services.

Located in the heart of Yorkville intersecting Yorkville Avenue and Avenue Road, Toronto, not only will you get sweeping views of the city, however, you are located minutes to a Wholefoods supermarket for your in-suite cooking needs, a 5-minute walk to University of Toronto, 5-minute walk to Bay station, and a 20-minute commute to Toronto Metropolitan University. All easily accessible for simpler living.

Visit our website to see our suites, read more blogs, and/or contact us.

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