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Where to Stay in Toronto for the Canada Bridal Show?

Canada’s bridal show is hosted at the Metro Toronto Convention Center in the north building. Canada's bridal show is the largest wedding show in Canada. It is also been the most prestigious bridal show in Canada for over 37 years making the bride’s dream come true. it is a favorite convention for thousands of Canadian bridal couples in Ontario, Toronto, and the Greater Toronto area.

Experience the largest wedding show in Canada where you get to see the latest wedding products and services. You can enjoy the Bridal Fashion show with the latest gowns, suits, outfits, and future trends. Visitors can also see new designs, try bridal jewelry, and choose their accessories, view the latest fabrics, and taste the different dishes.

Canada’s Bridal Show sees 35,000 visitors annually, showcase 300 to 400 acceptors, and giveaway price is over $50,000 tickets only start at $20 per person per day and free for children under 12.

For more information on events, parking, and about the local Metro Toronto Convention Centre, visit Avalon Suites Guide: Where to Stay Near the Metro Convention Center.



Canada's Bridal Show is held twice annually at the Metro Convention Center in the north building, in September and in January. Each year thousands of brides walked on the aisles of the Metro Convention Center to plan for their wedding, it is the perfect marketing platform for any exhibitor in the wedding industry, as you can meet new customers, maximize your exposure, and engage with ready to buy brides.

Benefits of being an exhibitor include meeting thousands of brides and grooms from across Ontario, networking with other exhibitors and discover complementary offerings, advertised and market your business, and showcase what you have to offer to the marriage industry in the largest, was prestigious, and popular Bridal Fashion Show in Canada.


Wedding Resources

Canada’s Fashion Show resources include a fashion gallery discovery option, where bloggers of the wedding industry share tips and techniques with two brides and bridal couples to ensure that they are ready to walk down the aisle happy.

Wedding resources also include pictures from past bridal shows, highlighting the fashion and wedding shows hosted by Canada's bridal show over the years period a resourcefully loaded with ideas for any future bride.

As well you can find free resources on how to make your wedding shine with the candles bridal show magazine, a whole book full of discounts designed to save you money if you choose to work with an exhibitor at the venue.


Fashion Show

One of Canada's Bridal Show attractions is the fashion show. Visitors with tickets can see the latest fashion and spot the latest trends. Visitors can also discover the venue of their dreams, find a gown that will knock their bridesmaid's socks off, and gorgeous dresses for bridesmaids, and perfect matching outfits for the ring bearer and flower girl.

Canada’s Bridal Show - fashion show will include prize giveaways, Anna scheduled to happen at 7:30 PM on Friday, twice at 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM on Saturday, and once again at 3:00 PM on Sunday. If you are planning on getting married soon, you should visit Canada's Bridal Show, there is much to discover what is new in the world of weddings, let you see the latest trends, fashions, and venues so that you can create the perfect wedding that is uniquely for you.


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