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Where Can I Stay in Toronto Close to The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE)

The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) is Canada’s largest community event and one of the top agricultural fairs in North America.

The CNE is enough for-profit program founded in 1879, as it ran to the industrial exhibition. people came to experience the latest innovations and technology and commercial products, to enjoy the popular entertainers at the time, and to engage in a collective community celebration. He said it was to showcase the nation essentially. Eventually, the CNE has changed over the years, to be one of Ontario's greatest annual traditions an event that offers sustainable entertainment value for money. The CNE takes place over 18 days leading up to Labor Day, it is an end-of-summer attraction in Toronto, Ontario that attracts more than 1.4 million visitors annually, visitors who reflect the rich diversity of Toronto and the region.

The following article will highlight the Canadian National Exhibition events and attractions, rides and games, food, shopping, and how to get to the event.


Events and Attractions

Alongside food, shopping, exciting rides, and games for the entire family, they see any features exciting attractions and events including an air show, an animal pavilion, a casino for that 19 plus, flower exhibits, international performers, a pet show, parades, music, walks and talks, talent shows, park performers, and even something just for kids.

The Air Show takes place over Labor Day weekend, near the end of the summer of the CNE attraction, while the casino is open all 18-days, with different exhibits open throughout the attraction, and at different times and days, the CNE features shows, walks and talks music features, and more.


Rides and Games

The Canadian National exhibition offers a full-day ride pass allowing you access to all the rides and games for the day for a flat rate. Rides and games include adult rides, bingo, children's rights, so yeah games with prizes and stuff toys, a Ferris wheel, and more.

Notable CNE classic rides include a crazy mouse roller coaster, mega drop, polar express, sky ride, and swing tower. There is even a designated Kiddie Midway in the east of Kid’s World on the West end of the CNE grounds that features 30 wonderful and whimsical rides including bumblebee Kama bumper cars Kama dragon coaster Kama lollipop swing, classic merry go round, and more including games with prizes and more.



Canadian National Exhibition, know that it is a full-day event with lots of fun rides and games, events and attractions, and shopping options. This means that you will need to eat throughout the day to replenish your energy. The king national exhibition has a food building – the Toronto Star Food Building - that offers a unique experience serving local restaurants cuisine from around the world, with a variety of mixed international flavors and traditional fair favorites there is something to suit everyone's taste and budget. The food building also offers a menu option including vegan, raw food, and halal option.

Must try classic treats of the CNE includes Beavertail's, candy apples, caramel apples, corn dogs, cotton candy, funnel cake, ice cream waffles, and Tiny Tom Donuts.



At the Canadian National Exhibition, you can find various shopping pavilions throughout the exhibition grounds. Notably includes the arts, crafts, and hobbies pavilion, home and garden pavilion, international pavilion, the outdoor marketplace, shoppers' market, warehouse outlets, and the CNE official shop.

The C&E shop allows you to purchase gifts and memorabilia, bringing the excitement of the exhibition home with you. The collection of sea and emerge is inspired by the history and tradition of the great fair. You can shop for artwork, accessories, and apparel. Some of the shops' featured merchandise include the CNE box, roller coaster to peg, CNE any water bottle, sunglasses, tumbler, baby onesie, cap, masks, umbrella, and more.



If you are planning on staying with us here at Avalon Suites Yorkville, commuting to the Canadian National Exhibition is accessible through public transit taking the TTC or GO Train, by riding your bike, driving, with access to parking near the venue. The TTC offers direct service to the Canadian National Exhibition, stopping at the Dufferin gate loop, that is at the West End of the CNE grounds, and the exhibition loop, via the East End of the grounds. If you plan on biking to the CNE, you can follow the Martin Goodman trail along the waterfront to the exhibition. If you plan on driving and parking when traveling to the CNE, there are multiple parking spaces is near the grounds, where can play a fat rate fee.


Short-Term Rental

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Avalon Suites Yorkville

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Check out our blog for even more information.

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