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What to do When Your Basement is Flooded

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Did your home recently get hit with a big rainstorm and now your basement is flooded? Do you still need to go to work the next day, half school, and your home basement is currently in need of a renovation? No need to worry about temporary housing until your home basement is ready. You can book to stay with us here at Avalon Suites Yorkville.

The rainy season can cause tall or dead trees to fall into your homes, in addition to flooding your basement if it is not up to safety regulations. Frozen pipes in the winter may also require you to renovate your basement area. The following blog will look at basement flooding prevention actions you can take, basement renovations steps, and resources you can reach out to, as well as a local short-term rental located in Yorkville, Toronto.

For everything to know about home renovations regarding your basement, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and more refer to our guide: Everything to Know about Home Renovations Short-term Stay in Toronto


Flooding Prevention

Every home is at risk for a basement flood, no matter if it is a new or old home, and even if it has not happened before. Water in your basement is most likely to occur after heavy rainfall, or when snow and ice are melting in the spring. The good news is you can take proactive steps to help reduce or prevent basement flooding from happening.

Outside the home, you can see all leaks in the walls, floors, windows, and fountains. In addition, you can clear debris away from roadside crates to help water entered the storm sewer drainage system, increase the green space around your home with local plants and shrubs to absorb rainfall and melted snow, and clear downspouts of leaves, rocks, and other debris to increase drainage.

Looking inside the house, you can maintain your plumbing system by ensuring that your plumbing and drainage are working in good condition and understand how they function. You can avoid creating clogs by throwing out dental floss, q-tips, and personal care products in the appropriate bin, and never pour fats, oils, and grease down the drain. You can hire A city-licensed plumber to help maintain your home plumbing system as needed.


Basement Renovation

Living in Toronto means that you experienced a four-season weather city, which means you will see rain, shine, and snow. The city of Toronto website offers an informative web page on basement flooding prevention videos, causes that are common for basement flooding, what to do when your basement is flooded, and how to report a flooded basement, and more. However, if your basement is already flooded and damaged you must take note to make a renovation.

A basement renovation gives you the chance to furnish the unfinished basement, turn it into a Home Office, home gym, children's playroom, and additional living room space for the family, or if your basement has a bathroom and kitchen space, you can rent out the space to pay utilities and bills.

Be sure to look for a credible and reliable basement renovation contractor in your local Toronto neighborhood. Ask friends and families for home renovation contractors they have hired in the past, do your research, and call your top three basement renovation contractors to view your space. Be cautious when hiring a basement renovator, as you are looking for one that meets your needs, has good reviews, and is trustworthy.

For more on home renovations regarding your basement, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and more, you can look at Avalon Suites Yorkville guide: What To Know Before Your Home, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen Renovation.



Having your home basement flooded due to natural causes or poor home maintenance can be a stressful time where you may feel panic or helpless, but you are not alone. The most important thing to remember is the first signs of a potential basement flood such as a huge rainfall, and when this happened you can turn off all electricity and gas, and con electrician for help.

In your basement laundry room, be sure to remove all laundry detergents, cleaning supplies, combustible and flammable items that you do not want to terminate your basement area.

after the flooding is coming to a start try to air out your basement, dispose of drywall, move furniture upstairs, remove paper products, boxes, and other soiled items, caused by the sewage or flood water. It is better to replace the items than let mold in the basement while you hire someone to assess the situation.

Best to call at 24/7 emergency basement flood response team near the Toronto neighborhood you're located in to assist you in the process, contact your home insurance, as well as look for a short-term rental until it is safe to move back into your home.


Short-Term Rental

Avalon Suites Yorkville has two times more space than a typical hotel room, a fully equipped kitchen to cook homemade meals, an in-suite 2IN1 washer and dryer, access to a fitness area and Jim, and conference spaces. Looking to stay with Avalon Suites Yorkville, means that you will be located within walking distance to high-end shopping, best of Toronto dining, and tourist attractions such as the Royal Ontario Museum, and to public transportation.

If you're interested in learning more about what your next steps are after your basement is flooded, you can visit Avalon Suites Yorkville blog: Where to Stay if My Basement is Flooded in Toronto.


Avalon Suites Yorkville

If you are looking to stay in the downtown Toronto area to look after or visit a loved one or friend currently in a nearby hospital, come stay with us at Avalon Suites Yorkville! All our premium suites at Avalon are fully furnished with a fully equipped kitchen and all the amenities you need. We even have a washer/dryer in all our suites. With all these features, staying in any of our suites will make you feel at home.

We have smart TVs in every room and free fast Wi-Fi so it's perfect for you to virtually visit friends and family in your suite. You will also have access to the fitness center and gym, conference space, and concierge service. Feeling hungry or want to explore? Avalon is in Yorkville, a perfect neighborhood to check out dining experiences, and local attractions.

To learn more, visit us on our website or call us at 416.731.1372.

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