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What is in a Corporate Relocation Package

If you are an employee doing a corporate relocation to the downtown Toronto area, this is the perfect article for you. This article will be filled with information about what to expect in your corporate relocation package and thing to know about your new city for the duration of your stay. We will go over important topics to be covered in the corporate relocation process, as well as mentioned some local places to eat and see while you stay near Avalon Suites or downtown.

The article will first go over 6 important components that are found in a corporate relocation package, then investigate the local downtown, Toronto city. Topics to be covered include relocation assistance, packing and unpacking services, home sale or lease-breaking assistance, temporary housing, house-hunting trip, and transportation.

While you are planning to corporate relocate to Toronto and are reading up on What is in a Corporate Relocation Package, why not learn What is Corporate Relocation for Employees in Toronto.


Relocation Assistance

Relocation assistance is a service that your company hires to help current or new employees such as yourself with corporate relocation for work from one location to another. In this scenario, the most likely destination for you is the downtown, Toronto area. The benefit of corporate relocation assistance is the helps you ease the financial burden and stress of getting you started in your new position as possible and into the new location. Relocation assistance can cover parts of the moving process like packing and unpacking home goods from location to location, transportation of you and your home goods or car, temporary accommodation, acquiring a new residence, getting out of a lease or selling your current home, as well as cultural and language training if needed. Relocation assistance is here to help your ease the stress of moving and make a positive contribution to the company’s reputation during and after the relocation.


Packing and Unpacking Services

Moving to a new home in Toronto can be stressful, between packing and unpacking, saying farewell to friends and family at home, preparing yourself, your spouse, and your children, and looking forward to a new home. Working with your relocation assistance can make some parts of the easier like the packing and unpacking process. Your household goods and delicate furniture should be packed and moved by a reliable moving company – preferably your organization is working with one already. Saving you time and stress, before, during, and after.


Home Sale or Lease Breaking Assistance

You may have already started looking for your new home here in Toronto. Or your corporate relocation assistance has reached out to you to let you know of an upcoming house-hunting trip and how they plan on helping you navigate the Toronto Housing market. What about your current home? Your corporate relocation assistance is here you help, in the case of a home sale, your company may sponsor reimbursement for money lost on quick home sales or set you up with a local realtor to help accelerate the timing of your home sale. If you are in a renter's agreement and are expected to pay a penalty for breaking the lease, or early termination, expect to contact your corporate relocation assistance on reimbursement.


Temporary Housing

For corporate relocation employees such as yourself, temporary housing should be set up by your company or corporate relocation assistance. The duration should be any amount around 30 days or until you can find a new permeant home or housing situation. If you are working in the core of downtown Toronto, stay with us here at Avalon Suites Yorkville. We are a short distance to public transportation that is intersecting big office buildings. Avalon Suites rooms come with a full-furnished kitchen allowing you to make homemade meals and is within walking distance to Wholefoods. For more information, you can visit your website.


House-hunting Trip

In a corporate relocation, your corporate relocation package or assistance should have mentioned at least one or more company-paid for house hunting trips in Toronto. Or at least one trip for you and your family or spouse to look for homes, neighborhoods, schools, and nearby services such as shopping centers and hospitals. It will be a good chance for you to explore your new workplace, and local destinations, and the work culture and environment. As well as look for realtors to help you navigate through Toronto’s current house hunting situation and set up viewing and prepare documentation. House-hunting expenses including means such are paid for and the trip reimbursed.



Your corporate relocation assistance and outlines in your corporate relocation package should include a transportation section informing you of the reimbursement you will receive for transporting you and possibly your partner/spouse or family to the new location. If you are road tripping to Toronto, Ontario, reimbursement for the mileage and gas spent in the time. If not, and you are corporate relocating to Toronto by plane, or even train transportation, look to see this is also reimbursed and the cost for moving your vehicle to the destination as well.


Avalon Suites Yorkville

Avalon Suites Yorkville hopes that this article gave you a better insight into your corporate relocation package coming to Toronto. If you need temporary housing or hoping to stay with Avalon Suites you can look forward to booking one of our premium luxury economy suites or two bedrooms for you and your family. Every suite comes with a fully-furnished kitchen, an in-suite washer, and dryer, as well as fast access to wi-fi and smart tv with cable.

Staying with Avalon Suites allow you access to our gym and fitness center, conference room, and concierge services. Not to mention walking distance to the neighborhood Wholefoods. Furthermore, staying with Avalon Suites allows you to be only minutes away from big offices downtown like TD, CIBC, RBC, Deloitte, and much more.

Check out our blog for even more information.

Contact us at 416.731.1372 to learn more about our suites and to book!

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