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How to Choose the Right Suite for your Family's Extended-Stay

You may be looking at this article because you and your spouse or family are looking to stay at an extended stay short-to-long-term rental for several reasons. Your home may have recently been damaged due to heavy rainfall, winter storms, or a natural disaster. Or due to flooding and fire.

You may be experiencing a corporate relocation to the downtown Toronto area, and you need a temporary housing location until you can move into your permanent home, or your home is under renovations for an upgrade, or due to flooding, fire, or a natural purpose.

The following article will look at short-and-long-term suite stays for families, with spouses, for corporate relocations, and home renovation purposes.


Family Stays

When looking at family stays, there are several factors to consider when you are looking for a short-term rental in the downtown Toronto area. As when you're traveling with children it means making more decisions and looking out for more than just yourself. For an extended stay. You may need a suite with fast Internet so that your children can attend online school. Or a suite that is near a neighborhood of a school your child is potentially going to enroll in. Is important to consider what your children need to make your trip easier, smoother, and that's stressful for both you and your family.

In other families extended stay factor to consider is if your children would need to be close to a park, accessible to child and daycare centers, community centers, and extra curriculars around the neighborhood you are planning to move into. It is best to plan out what you and your spouse believe is essential for your child as you plan an extended stay in Toronto.


Spouse Stays

When you are looking for a short-term rental for you and your partner, there are also some factors to consider when moving to a new palace temporarily. One factor to consider if you are planning an extended stay in downtown, Toronto, it's where your spouse is going to live or work. If this is a corporate relocation your spouse may need to find work that is in this new city. If they are working online, will you be needing one bedroom or two bedrooms, and how much table space is needed for you both to work effectively.

Staying with Avalon suites Yorkville allows you access to complimentary fast Wi-Fi, access to a boardroom, and two-bedroom suites that have enough space for you and your spells to work online and from home on your extended stay in Toronto.


Corporate Relocation

Corporate relocation is when your business organization decides to move you from location A to B. This usually occurs when your corporation is moving its headquarters, needs you to follow through with a new project in Toronto ON, or even at any conference or meeting that requires you to represent the business here. Any corporate relocation you may be traveling alone, with your spouse, or even with small children. Here at Avalon Suites Yorkville, we offer suites from studio sizeto2 two bedrooms, perfect for just yourself, with your spouse, or top just place to work and have your family travel with you.

For more information on corporate relocations with a spouse, family, and small children, look to Avalon Suites Guide: Corporate Relocation Suites for Individuals, Couples, and Families.

And if you are in a corporate relocation plan to come to Toronto, visit the Avalon Suites Yorkville Guide: Corporate Relocation: Everything You Need to Know.


Home Renovation

Toronto is home to a four-season weather country, and this means that you experience rain, snow, hail, and hot and humid days. If your home was recently damaged due to fire, a tree falling into your house, or a basement flood, you may be looking for a major home renovation that requires you to move out for a short time. When this occurs, it is best to look for a short-term rental, as compared to a typical hotel room, short term rentals offer a fully furnished kitchen, two times more space, an in-suite two in one washer, and dryer. Allow you to feel just like if you were at home while yours is under renovations.

If your home was recently damaged by fire, rain, flooding, and more, and is currently having home renovations done, look to Avalon Suites Guide for more information on Temporary Insurance Housing Options Until My House is Ready.

If you are planning a major or minor home renovation for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor space and do not know where to begin, visit the Avalon suites Guide: Everything to Know about Home Renovations Short-term Stay in Toronto.


Short-Term Stays

Short-term stays have all the amenities and benefits of a typical hotel room and more. Depending on if you are a single traveler or a family of up to 5 Avalon suites Yorkville is sure to have a suite for you. Here at Avalon Suites Yorkville, we have two times more space than a typical hotel room and amenities like a fully furnished kitchen with fridge freezer stovetop microwave anymore. As well as an in-suite 2-in-1 washer and dryer, fitness center and gym, conference space and access to concierge services. staying with Avalon Suites Yorkville allows you to be more comfortable with the space you would have at home and the convenience of being only minutes away from local downtown health care facilities.


Avalon Suites Yorkville

Avalon Suites Yorkville hopes that this article gave you a better insight into your corporate relocation package coming to Toronto. If you need temporary housing or hoping to stay with Avalon Suites you can look forward to booking one of our premium luxury economy suites or two bedrooms for you and your family. Every suite comes with a fully furnished kitchen, an in-suite washer, and dryer, as well as fast access to wi-fi and smart tv with cable.

Staying with Avalon Suites allow you access to our gym and fitness center, conference room, and concierge services. Not to mention walking distance to the neighborhood Wholefoods. Furthermore, staying with Avalon Suites allows you to be only minutes away from major downtown Toronto hospitals, health care facilities, cancer centers, much more.

Check out our blog for even more information.

Contact us at 416.731.1372 to learn more about our suites and to book!

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