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How to Celebrate This Holiday Season Safely

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Christmas is only one day away! Unfortunately, Toronto, Peel Region, York Region and Windsor-Essex is currently under lockdown and is not ending anytime soon, with the possibility to extend. According to CBC News, during the lockdown, no indoor gatherings are allowed with anyone outside a person's household (the people they live with); Individuals who live alone and single parents can have close contact with one other household; outdoor gatherings are limited to 10 people and must comply with physical distancing rules (Note that face coverings must be worn if two metres of physical distancing cannot be maintained). That means no Christmas parties and gatherings this year. However, you can still have lots of fun while staying home. In this post, we have gathered a list of fun things you can do to celebrate this holiday season safely. Let's do our part to stop the spread of Covid-19!

Play Christmas Music


Normally, Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year. You will instantly feel like it's Christmas when you walk on the streets, with all the Christmas decorations. Christmas is really different this year. The streets are definitely a lot quieter. You can't go shopping in the malls or sit down at a nice restaurant to have Christmas dinner. If you feel like the atmosphere is not as strong as in the past years, playing music is for sure one of the best ways to boost the mood. Music apps like Spotify have created Christmas songs playlists that match your preference. Whether you like classic Christmas Hits, Christmas pop or all-time Christmas favourites, you'll definitely find one you like. Just hit play and enjoy your own little party at home!

Virtual Cooking Session


Are you planning to cook a Christmas feast? Why not cook it together with your family! While you can't cook it with them in person this year if you don't live together, you can still do it virtually! You can call them via a video conferencing app like Zoom and cook the same thing together. Or maybe you are using a family recipe that has been passed on for years. You can call your parents or even your grandparents and have them show you how to make the dish. It is a great way to connect with your family and have fun cooking together virtually.

Virtual Christmas Dinner/Gathering


Unfortunately, you can only celebrate with the people in your household this year. If you live with your friends or family, good for you! Otherwise, you can't gather with your friends and family for a Christmas dinner. Alternatively, you can do this virtually as well! Just video call them and have a Christmas dinner together! This is a great chance to catch up on each other's life and is great for family bonding.

Watch A Christmas Movie Together


If you're looking for something to do after dinner, you can watch a Christmas movie together! I know watching a Christmas movie together on Christmas day may be a family tradition to some people. You can still do it this year but again, virtually! You can just pick a movie you like and watch it together on the call (use the share screen function if you're watching on your laptop). If you're watching the movie on Netflix, you can also watch it together via Netflix party or Screener. If you need ideas of what Christmas movies to watch, check out our previous blog that introduces some Christmas movies on Netflix! I'm sure you'll be able to find one you like.

Unwrap Your Gifts


Boxing day is the time to open all the gifts you got for Christmas. If you're doing Secret Santa with your friends, it's time to reveal who's got who and show them what you've got for them. For me, I usually exchange Christmas gifts with my family and we open our gifts once it's past 12 am on the 26th. If you have a similar tradition, you can still do the same this year. If not, you can also start doing it this year. Just call them and open your gifts together!


I hope this post gave you some inspiration for what you can do to celebrate Christmas safely this year. They can be a series of events that you can do during Christmas! If you're our guest currently staying in one of our furnished suites, away from your family and friends, take these activities into consideration! If you're not one of our guests, we hope to see you after the lockdown if you're ever looking for short term rentals in Toronto. All our premium suites at Avalon are fully furnished with a fully equipped kitchen and all the amenities you need. We have 5 types of suites ranging from studios to 2 bedroom suites so just pick one that accommodates your needs. To learn more, visit our website or call us at 416.731.1372. Happy Holidays!🎄

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