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How to Add Personality to Your Apartment

What message does your apartment send? What does it say about who you are and what you’re passionate about? Does it represent you and your unique style? By selecting a design theme based on your personality, you can easily set your apartment distinct from others. Are you, for instance, a minimalist who despises clutter or a free spirit who favours a boho-chic look? In this article, we'll show you how to turn your apartment into a place that reflects your genuine self.


The Minimalist

Some people appreciate minimalism because it makes them feel less bothered, preoccupied, and uneasy in today's overstimulated environment. Even though it's not for everyone, people who are feeling overwhelmed can benefit psychologically from the approach. Less is more is the guiding principle of minimalism, which is all about reducing your possessions to their bare necessities. But it doesn't have to be dull or uninteresting. In reality, a minimalist interior design should provide a calming atmosphere.

Play around with different neutral hues or shades of white to achieve the desired effect until you find one you like and that works best with the room. After that, combine it with a light grey or another neutral colour. Invest in things with several uses and storage capabilities. Keep in mind that everything should serve a purpose. Because you are controlling what you bring into your home, make sure that the items you include are well-made and something you genuinely adore.


The Urban Modernist

The urban-modernist design quickly comes to mind when you want your apartment to have that "grownup" feel. It's sleek, sophisticated, and well-dressed. Consider contemporary and cosmopolitan. While there is an aspect of industrialism, you should layer in soft furniture to balance out the more urban atmosphere. Consider adding a statement piece to each space, such as a piece of art, eye-catching furniture, or a conversation-worthy lighting fixture, to create this appearance. To enhance a sense of luxury, use metallic accent pieces such as mirrors, vases, or picture frames.


The Forever Bachelor

While the concept of a bachelor pad may evoke visions of a furniture showroom for people who don't want to bother, designing a bachelor pad is actually a chance to decorate free of compromise. Of course, there are the must-haves: a wall-mounted large-screen TV, a useful and fashionable wall unit, and a comfortable (but still attractive) couch. A fully equipped bar cart is one of the simplest ways to create a classy bachelor atmosphere. And don't be scared to incorporate some older things to provide charm and character. Blues and greys, which are very popular right now, assist to establish the setting with a masculine sensibility.


The Bohemian

For those with more whimsical preferences, the bohemian style allows them to defy all the rules and conventions. This diverse style has no boundaries, which is why it is so appealing. Nothing says "laid-back living" more. Keep furnishings low to the ground, add some fluffy cushions, experiment with different patterns and textures, and integrate some thrift shop treasures to obtain this fresh and carefree appearance. In contrast to the simplicity of The Minimalist's minimalism style, boho design is all about layering. Don't be afraid to add some firefly lights, a charming ottoman, or a crocheted wall hanging.

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