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Short Term Rentals vs. Hotels: Which is Better for Employee Relocation?

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

When you are relocating for work, the first thing you need to do after you arrive is to look for a place to live. Here's the question. Should you stay at a hotel or short term rental? You will probably be overwhelmed in a city you're not familiar with. You may have to start working right away while settling down. Therefore, you would want to find a place that is comfortable and ready to move in. The most common options for serviced accommodation are hotels and short term rentals. In this post, we will evaluate both options and you will see why short term rentals are better than hotels when you stay for longer.

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Full Service

Most people look at the ratings and reviews when searching for a hotel. Therefore, in order to advance, they provide excellent customer services and would usually do everything they can to deliver the best experience to guests. Hotels generally provide more services and operate 24/7. If guests ever ask for something, let's say more towels, they can just make a call anytime and staff will bring the towels right to their door. It's also easier for them to accommodate the guests' needs such as moving to another room since they are likely to be much bigger than short term rentals. This is something difficult for short term rentals to achieve. However, some hotels don't provide free wifi or have a limit on the number of devices that can be connected to the internet. So you know that's something you may want to pay attention to, especially if you need to work or study from there.


Most people look for hotels that are convenient and that's also one thing that most hotels offer. You're very likely to find hotels located in the heart of the city and surrounded by popular attractions. There are many hotels spread out in many different locations. You can definitely find one in the area you're looking to stay in. You can also choose a hotel chain that you like, such as Marriott, which usually has more than one location.


Hotels are likely to be more luxurious. Whether it's the design or the amenities they use, they tend to be on the higher-end. Some of them may have a gym, a pool or even a spa. They may have a restaurant on site and offer in room dining service. These are something that are not commonly found in short term rentals.

Short Term Rentals



One of the best things about short term rentals is that you get more privacy. If you are not an outgoing person or don't like to socialize, short term rentals would be a great choice for you as you would be renting the entire space. You don't have to greet the hotel staff and other guests if you don't feel like it. Depending on the type of housing you're renting, you may get your own living space. You don't have to wear a face mask every time you go out of your room.

More Spaces

Short term rentals are usually bigger in size than regular hotel rooms. Most short term rentals have a kitchen, a living area, a bathroom (often more than one) and a separate bedroom area and you get the entire place to yourself, while most hotel rooms don't have these features. The bed usually takes up most of the spaces in a hotel room and have a limited workspace, not to mention a living area. Most hotel rooms have limited spaces so it's inconvenient if you will be working or studying from your room, especially if you have to turn on the camera for a meeting, you don't want people to see a messy bed as a background.

Feels Like Home

While hotels are likely to be more luxurious and provide more services, you will definitely feel like you're away from home. If you prefer to stay somewhere that feels more like home, short term rentals would be a better option for you. They usually look more like a "home" depending on the type of short term rentals but they mostly have a kitchen, living and dining area and separate bedrooms. You can cook your favourite meal and just chill on the sofa like you would at home.

Saves Money

Short term rentals can let you save money as well. Hotels are usually more expensive as compared to short term rentals. Most hotel rooms have a maximum occupancy of 2 people. If you have a bigger family, you would probably have to book an extra room or a suite but that would likely be very expensive. If you are looking for a longer-term stay, staying at a hotel would be very costly. You would be spending lots of money when relocating. While your employer may cover your living expenses, they may not cover the full amount. If you are staying for a longer-term, you would have to do laundry for sure. Most hotels offer laundry service or you can take them to a laundromat but either way, it will cost you extra money. If you are staying at a short term rental, the price would likely be lower and you get the most spaces. You would probably be able to do laundry without paying extra. You can even save the tax when you stay for 28 days or longer!

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